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In-Home Euthanasia

When this part of life is reached, many caretakers wish that our beloved pets could pass on painlessly and unaware in their sleep. As not every pet will be fortunate enough to have this scenario occur, it is our privilege to be able to provide such a peaceful, tranquil departure. The word "euthanasia" comes from greek words translating to "good death".  It is gentle and painless and meant to allow your pet to pass peacefully. We strongly believe that your home provides the most ideal private and familiar setting for both pet and caretaker during such a significant moment. Futhermore, we believe that each family deserves the veterinarian’s undivided care and attention for the duration of this service.

Your pet will first be given sedation to provide the most ideal relaxation and comfort. This may done anywhere in the home that your pet would like to be, whether it be a bed or favorite chair or even out in the yard. Once your pet is relaxed and sleeping peacefully, additional medication will be given to allow your pet to pass.  Once you are ready, Dr. Trupia will take care of transportation for cremation services. You will have the option to request private cremation services with the return of ashes, including an option for hand delivery by Dr. Trupia.  

Saying goodbye is a unique, personal experience for every individual. Dr. Trupia will honor the human-animal bond for each caretaker and pet and will work to create the experience you feel best honors your pet. You will be given time, as needed, before and after your pet passes. If desired, you may request a Quality of Life Consultation prior to making your decision.