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Integrative Comfort Care Consultation

Chronic pain or discomfort is not something anyone wants to see their pet experience. Whether the chronic pain or discomfort is related to arthritis, neurologic disease, cancer, or other illness, many pets can achieve a higher quality of life through a multi-modal treatment approach using techniques complementary to traditional veterinary medicine. A house-call visit can be ideal for those pets who are not great candidates for a car ride to an office such as those who are debilitated, anxious, or just more comfortable at home.  Dr. Trupia will review your pet’s medical records and will visit your home to get to know your pet in their own environment. She will perform an orthopedic, neurologic, and myofascial examination for a complete picture of your pet. Dr. Trupia will then develop an integrative pain management and rehabilitation plan addressing issues such as comfort, pain relief, joint range of motion, strength, endurance, proprioception, and general navigation. Therapeutic plans may include treatment modalities such as photobiomodulation (laser), medical acupuncture, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, massage, therapeutic exercises, and recommendations for supplements and/or traditional medications.  Quality of life is of utmost importance and will be reassessed at each visit.  

Your family veterinarian will always be kept informed and involved for the duration of your pets care.